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Commentary: Internet Privacy
2012-06-15 22:29:15 (223 weeks ago)
Posted By: JWSmythe
I don't usually talk about specific products, but this one is particularly good.

As many of you know, there are significant privacy issues associated with using the Internet. What you may not know, unless you are familiar with how networks work, is that everything going between your computer and the internet, can be monitored by various points, including by your own ISP.

Some providers are kind enough to intercept the data as it goes over the Internet, and inject their own ads, or track your behavior.

You can protect yourself by using a VPN connection. Many employers require a VPN connection to access their confidential information. Unfortunately, many also monitor everything you do while you're connected to their VPN. That is good security on their part, but a violation of your own privacy. Do you really want your employer to know that you spend all of your free time playing Facebook games, or surfing for tabloid stories about Justin Bieber.

Your information can be used against you. Posting about your ISP may get you unwanted attention. Shopping for a new ISP may be difficult if they block their pages, or modify the information as it's sent to you. a $29.95 package may show to you as $299.95.

Using your employers VPN can be more hazardous. Do you look at the competition web sites from home? Are you looking at job postings, or posting your resume? That information could very easily cost you your job.

Several people here at Free Internet Press have been using Hide My Ass ( ). Not only does it encrypt your internet traffic, but you can use VPN servers in 46 other countries.

There are many legitimate reasons for using one, beyond protecting yourself from your ISP intercepting your internet usage. You may live in a nation where our religion is not tolerated if it is not the religion of the majority. People in other nations have been arrested and threatened with execution for a simple twitter post, disrespectful of the government or the majority religion.

In many cases, it's safer to post, or even web surf, if you appear to be coming from somewhere other than where you really are.

At Defcon (one of the largest security conventions), they go so far as to have the "Wall Of Sheep", where unprotected internet access at the convention is captured, and those who used poor Internet security precautions are publicly shamed.

You should always be concerned of who's watching what you do. At a convention like Defcon, you know someone is trying. What you probably don't realize is, when you're at work, using a hotspot, or even on your couch, there is a chance someone is watching. They aren't doing it to have a laugh at your expense. They may be stealing your passwords, your credit card information, or other things that you don't want the general public knowing.

In my work over the years, I have done a lot of "grey hat" work. That is network security work, to protect my employers, but using the techniques of the bad guys ("black hat"). I have caught a lot of people doing a lot of things. I've intercepted passwords, credit card numbers, places they browse to, and even what they thought were private emails and instant messages. We use that information to educate them in better ways to protect themselves and the company

You should try Hide My Ass ( It's cheap, affordable, and an excellent VPN service. You will find well worth the cost. I strongly suggest using "HMA Pro", which makes using their service amazingly easy.
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